Living with Parkinson’s Disease


Hi, I’m Dee, and I want to help you find your roar.

I know what it is like to feel like you’ve lost your voice and want to be heard. I understand needing to cling to the hope that this isn’t all there is, and that there is purpose in your pain. Dealing with health struggles and unexpected and unwelcomed diagnoses has been part of my journey. After struggling with my health for several years, I want to encourage you to believe that every challenge serves a deeper purpose. By sharing my story, I hope to provide insight into what living with Parkinson’s or another debilitating disease is like, and to offer resources that have helped my family and I navigate our journey.

There is hope for you and your family to find your roar!


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Find Your Roar: A Memoir of Life, Health, and Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Find Your Roar invites readers to rediscover their own strength, resilience, and purpose. It’s a story of triumph over adversity, of finding beauty in brokenness, and of embracing life’s challenges with courage and conviction.

Through this inspiring journey, readers will be empowered to find their own roar—to face life’s storms with unwavering determination.

In Their Words